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Foreword by the Authors

It takes thorough knowledge to breed fish successfully.
Every step in the process of managing a biological production must be mastered if success is to be achieved qualitatively and economically.

This book intends to introduce the reader to tissue morphology of fish using salmonids as a model. Other species are mentioned briefly to highlight essential morphological differences between related species.

This atlas is not meant to be read as an ordinary textbook, but rather to be as a reference at the microscope to compare the slides with the figures and text in the book.
The text has been kept short so that the essential histological features can be quickly assimilated by the students. Glossary is included at the end of each chapter for benefit of the beginners. In some places physiology is briefly mentioned for better understanding of morphological and functional correlation.

Key Features:

International Edition

Salient Features:

  • English Text and Legends in English, German, French and Spanish languages
  • 222 Slides
  • 25 Illustrations
  • 110 High quality gross and microscopic figures
  • Chapter 1.0 – Cells and Supportive Tissue
  • Chapter 2.0 – Chapter 12.0 Organ Systems
  • Appendix I – Laboratory methods in histology
  • Appendix II – Staining Methods
  • Appendix III – Techniques for measuring structures in histological sections
  • Ebook with exercises in every chapter with answers and explanation.

Norwegian Edition

Fremtredende egenskaper:

  • Norsk tekst
  • 222 sider
  • 25 figurer
  • 110 Høy kvalitets makro og mikroskopiske bilder
  • Kap. 1.0 – Celler og støttevev
  • Kap. 2.0 – kap.12.0 Organ systemet
  • Appendix I – Laboratoriemetoder i histologi
  • Appendix II – Fargemetodikker
  • Appendix III – Teknikk for måling av strukturer i histologisk snitt

The Author

Dr. Anil B. Amin is a Histopathologist and a Cytopathologist with 40 yrs of experience in Human pathology, working in the field of fish biology/ pathology since 1987.

He has been providing diagnostic facilities using histology techniques to fish farming industry and teaching fish biology students at Bodø and Tromsø in Norway. Dr. Anil B Amin has also participated in several research projects and published several articles on fish diseases.He has recently published another Histology atlas related to Atlantic Cod which is available in paper copy, ebook and epub versions.

This book is a concise, updated and amply illustrated introduction to the histology of the salmonids. The book primarily aims at students of fish biology and veterinary medicine, but can be used by researchers in these fields to advantage. This book should be at hand in all institutions which deal with teaching fish biology / veterinary medicine students and running or advising the fish farming industry.

Dr. Eivind Carlsen

Clearly labeled images and easy to understand text. Excellent to use with students at all levels to give an understanding of organ structure and morphology in salmonids. The text is clear and in all respects to the point. The illustrations are well chosen, the quality is excellent, and the captions are given in 4 languages, expanding the resourcefulness of the book.

Robert Eliassen

Publication Information

ISBN: 82-992406-1-1
Paperback: 145 pages

Published: First Ed. 1992
Available in: English, Norwegian.

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Akvapatologisk laboratorium AS